Are you recovering from an injury or surgery?

Are you experiencing pain, discomfort, lack of mobility, stability or strength?

Are you a runner, singer, performer or weekend athlete in need of a little TLC?

If this is you, our elite team of practitioners are here and dedicated to providing you with the most effective, clinically superior and individually tailored physical therapy possible. Our measure of success will be found in the trust and hearts of those we heal.


Are you a tour manager, company manager, general manager, or producer looking for a therapist specializing in entertainment and performing arts medicine to tour with your production? Are you looking for a local therapist to treat at the venue for a few hours?

Are you an actor, actress, artist, dancer, musician, stunt performer or executive in need of an elite therapist specializing in manual therapy to come treat on-site or at your private residence?

Is this you? If so, NEURO TOUR’s elite practitioners are prepped and ready to go! Our therapist’s travel full time, part time or treat by the hour.
We provide extraordinary care for our extraordinary clients.